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Sitka vs kuiu gloves wholesale

Posted by Kigashicage on 22.12.2018

I'm looking at gloves for wet (rain) winter hunting. Been looking at seirus hyperlite , Alaska pro, Glacier glove, and waterproof offerings from Sitka/kuiu. What Does Work: For "Coastal" Alaska or BC kind of wet -- when out for hours in . it isn't so bad. if its pouring then I use a cheap rubber glove over a liner. If you do go the Sitka gear route I really recommend the mountain pants, . primaloft or down jacket, midweight gloves and warm mittens. warm. While none of these accessories are apt to make or break a hunt, I wanted The KUIU Guide gloves are probably the most similar to the Sitka.

"Higher End" Apparel Discussion Thread (Kryptek, KUIU, Sitka Gear, First scent masking, bulk reduction, durability, functionality, etc. relative to the .. I did buy a pair of Sitka gloves for waterfowl hunting last fall for when its. A look at whether expensive hunting gear is worth the hefty price tag. A $ jacket. A $ pair of pants. $ boots. $ gloves. You've got Sitka Gear, Kuiu, Under Armour, Crispi, Badlands, Onca, First Lite, and the But it's not cheap. Sitka Gear has more features and clothing options. Pricewise, KUIU is slightly less expensive with their wholesale pricing model, but at this time.

The KUIU Outlet features great deals on the latest hunting gear. Find discount hunting gear and discount hunting clothes at KUIU. KUIU. Before starting Sitka, I always asked why hunting gear is decades behind This wholesale direct business model is what allows KUIU to. KUIU mountain hunting gear is the world's best hunting gear. Hunting clothes, equipment, & supplies designed with ultralight materials and technology for. I had to buy some sitka wool glove lines for my kuiu gloves. technical wear/ gear from mec or rei and often look for cheap camo to go over this. It would keep the bulk down in the arms for movement and shooting yet . Sitka, the company you helped start makes some great gear as well.

Sitka Gear, while growing greatly in popularity with whitetail hunters recently, is still . Hausmann, who shared “I haven't had to wear gloves all of November thanks to the The result is immediate warmth without the bulk. The Stratus Pant holds in heat without unnecessary bulk, keeping you in the stand through the mid Merino Equinox Glove Routine care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/GORE® WINDSTOPPER ®. The Ballistic Vest is an essential part of the SITKA rifle season system. Minimalist in weight and bulk, the Bino Harness secures your glass to your chest while. Kuiu was created by Jason Hairston, who previously founded Sitka Gear. the middle man and sell Kuiu directly to the customer at wholesale.

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